Vivian Percy, Esq., received her J.D. from the NYU School of Law and worked as an attorney at a global law firm headquartered in Manhattan. In addition to receiving a citation from the firm for having devoted a significant number of hours to pro bono work, early on she was an intake assistant on the research floor of Cornell Hospital, Manhattan during the height of the AIDS crisis. Percy also cared for her mother with Alzheimer’s for 14 years, navigating all aspects of patient management and joining in efforts to promote government support for at-home supervision.

As a single parent, she never gave up, with the help of God, fighting for the life of her daughter, whose story is the focus of Saving Jenny, and whose courage, honesty and love inspire her mother every day.

(Contributor) Anna Badini, LCSW, PhD, earned her doctorate from NYU’s program in Clinical Social Work and has been in practice for 20 years, serving as a Psychotherapist and Supervisor at a Child Guidance Center and part of a Sexual Abuse Investigative Team for decade. She trained at the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis (NPAP), and holds membership in the Connecticut Society for Psychoanalytic Psychologists.

Dr. Badini collaborated to insure the accuracy of descriptions of therapeutic practices within psychiatric/rehab institutions and the flaws in the current mental health/substance abuse model.