The story of a mother and daughter’s long painful journey from tragedy, through opioid addiction, toward healing.

From author Vivian Percy, Esq., in collaboration with therapist Anna Badini, LCSW, PhD...

A Searing Exposé With Vital Solutions To Overcome America’s Opioid and Suicide Epidemic

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Saving Jenny includes intelligent commentary on a floundering health care industry…Percy shows a vast knowledge of drug addiction treatment in America, and many of her criticisms of it are astute and affecting.

Part memoir, part analysis and solutions, Saving Jenny was written with a single goal: to help find a way to save lives.

This is a call for building Walls of Voices to honor the more than 700,000 people who have perished in America’s drug epidemic over the last 20 years. They passed away in silence, in secret, and in shame. Their voices cry out to us for recognition, reconciliation, and reform.

In our materialistic world of almost murderous competition, there is tremendous pressure on children to excel at external achievements, and at ever-younger ages.

Mother pens heartrending chronicle of daughter’s opiate addiction and suicidality: exposes brutal struggle through deeply flawed rehab/mental health system

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These pages unmask a mental health industry focused more on profits than people, which regularly betrays those in its keeping, and the complicity of Big Pharma and insurance companies in these schemas. We see firsthand the abuse, negligence and illicit activities going on in psychiatric and rehab facilities.

Vivian Percy offers practical political, economic, educational and social solutions to help the countless individuals and families afflicted by drug addiction and suicidality. Most importantly, Saving Jenny presents a new paradigm grounded in altruistic love, which utilizes both psychodynamic and spiritual resources to deliver hope and TRUE HEALING…

Meet the Author

“I chose to write under the nom de plume, Vivian Percy, to protect the anonymity of all who were involved, due to the sensitivity of the material and the unfortunate fact that women, and even men, are still blamed and sometimes persecuted for being victimized and traumatized in our world. This incredible injustice and lack of charity needs to change.”

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Behind the Book

Normal turned to PTSD and a substance abuse nightmare for Jenny the instant a taxi struck her, catapulting her 20’ across a busy New York City Street. Jenny is one of the lucky ones to have survived the drug rehabilitation system, which routinely fails those at risk. Her story is multiplied across the U.S. in the shattered lives and torn-apart families of millions of Jennies.

Saving Jenny is the narration of a mother and daughter’s long painful journey from tragedy, through opioid addiction, toward redemption. Its cautionary tale sheds light on drug dependency, suicidal depression, sexual exploitation and misdiagnosed mind disorders.

We discover that these are symptoms of much larger societal issues: the decimation of the family, childhood traumatization, and a culture devoid of human values.

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